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Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

APDMD stands for Advanced Program in Digital Media and Design. Digital media is the new buzz word. From responsive websites to app and games, everything is changing the face of the digital platform. Now you can view the same site on your desktop, laptop, smartphone & tablet. This dynamic industry is creating large employment opportunities for creative individuals every day. With MAAC Mysuru you too can get your dream job & build a successful, high-paying career in this booming industry.

Course overview - APDMD

Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design (APDMD) provides a comprehensive, 360-degree learning opportunity. We also provide extensive job-oriented training in responsive web design, 2D animation & print.APDMD is a career course that helps you become a job-ready professional who can give a rich experience to web users. In this course we will introduce you to the latest trends in the web & publishing industry like digital publication, augmented reality, mobile apps & interactive web content.

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