About Us

About Us

MAAC Mysuru aspires to be the center of creative excellence that shapes the talents and leads a change in animation industry in and around Mysuru. We provides holistic knowledge in 3D, Animation Courses, Film Making & Graphics through a sophisticated training environments to aspiring students. MAAC Mysuru provides an integrated facility with sophisticated technology for the aspiring students to learn and express their creativity in Film making, Animation, Graphic/Web Design and Advance VFX


Our mission is to create an institution that conforms to the highest standards of education in 3D, Animation, Film Making and Graphic/Web Design. Through creativity and innovation, we lead change and create a better world. We engage and nurture young talents worldwide, empowering them to pursue creative excellence. MAAC Mysuru provides an atmosphere of creative thinking and a vibrant culture where an individual can grow holistically, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in students.

Mission-maac Mysuru


To achieve extraordinarily innovation, creativity, professional growth and entrepreneurial relationship. MAAC Mysuru actively recruits extraordinary people because we believe in team work. It is the combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion of our people that make us who we are. We engage with the students as a family and understand their need and caring for their requirements to bring out the best in them.


MAAC Mysuru is a team passionate of providing an environment that creates dynamic individuals and harnesses the collective effort of all stakeholders in the pursuit of creative excellence in 3D, Animation, Film Making and Graphic/web Designing. We don’t hesitate in bringing you the best Animation education, earnestly going that extra mile so you enjoy highly competitive career.


MAAC enduring success has been built around an unflinching commitment to excellence in every dimension of Animation education, and wholly uncompromising quality standards. These very values help MAAC command its pride of place in Animation Institute in Mysuru City.

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